The Long Voyage: Memories Tears Joy

Stand number: C7

Guggisberg & Baldwin

Our boats come the closest to anything we have done to being autobiographical. We are migratory creatures; the history of our species is about journeys, departures, leaving and arriving, starting over. And none more so than ourselves. Our new work is both culturally and personally inclined. An autobiographical touch in a civilizational reflection. Wherever man goes he builds, laying down cultural lines which gradually transform into relics and artifacts over time’s inevitable march. Urban landscapes and complex designs grow and expand, deteriorate and decay. And on again we move, taking the memories of our exploits with us to use in the next story. We have always sought joy in what we do. But life is not always joyous. Although our boat series was conceived as an homage to all that is best in humankind, all that is hopeful and full of wonder at the world, its mysteries and kindnesses, nevertheless today we tend to see our migrations in darker light, as daily so many tragedies unfold around us. We must embrace these dark realities, take responsibility for them, and recognize that the darkness and the light, the joy and the sorrow, the heat and the cold, the hope and the despair, are intermingled as we voyage onward. It is a journey of struggle, giving, receiving, and love.