Thalen & Thalen Gallery, Belgium


Stand number: B12

Silver !
In a world dominated by short lifecycles and recycling, we deliver creations that last. We like to present a zen experience with silver- our quest to be surrounded by objects that guide us and bring enjoyment into our lives. We are artists who translate our love for silver, and particularly fine silver, into creations that reflect our passion and personality. Purity in material and our way of expression. We do not look for the perfect mirror that only shows us the area around the object. We create a range of awe inspiring shapes and scales that invite to be touched.
We always look for ways of creating our works from one single sheet of silver avoiding joints unless absolutely necessary. Instead of being restrictive it is a creative challenge to communicate with the material and explore the boundaries of what is possible. When we reach those limits, we show them, out of respect for the material.