Re-crafting Edison

Stand number:  C8

Ever since the first Thomas A. Edison light bulb arrived on the market in 1897 artists have been fascinated by the creative potential of working with electric light. Louis Comfort Tiffany and Dale Chihuly are famous for their mastery with glass and light while Dan Flavin made the humble fluorescent light fixture a staple of minimalism. The palette of lights available to artists has greatly widened resulting in an even greater range of wonderful creations. “Re-crafting Edison” brings together some of the most imaginative lights from a young generation of contemporary craft artists. Using halogen, neon, LED and fiber optics these artists create strong sculptural works in glass, ceramic and paper. The use of traditional skills alongside technical innovation produces work that is both visually stunning and emotionally satisfying. True masterpieces that are helping redefine the way we look at lighting.