«touch wood» – Installation by Gion A.Caminada

Stand number: C3

The architect Gion A. Caminada deals with the nature of places and locations. A place comprises the reasons for where we live and why we live there. Due to our increased mobility, our need for flexibility and the gradual disengagement from social conventions a place begins to loose its identity. Caminada envisions the fortifying of differences as a chance to create places with a holistic and individual character. Thus a real value for living is achieved- a place to be. Gion A. Caminada has created a place for Tresor which astonishes us and makes us reflect. In cooperation with Girsberger the installation consists of two tables, one oversized as in a building that can be walked in and one normal sized to be seated at. The architecture comes to life and the “beauty” of the material, the smell, the touch, the grain of the wood is perceived in the sublime dimension of the space and in the difference of the nearly similar. Made of larchwood from the the work of art tells a story and it invites us to hear it with our senses – a special athmospheric space emerges.
The installation is presented by Girsberger