Big & Bold

Stand number: C1

There was a time when ceramics were polite and well mannered; they sat comfortably on a shelf, awaiting a bunch of flowers to bring them to life or some fruit to give them purpose. Not any more. Ceramics are now being demanding and getting noticed. They are firmly centre stage and shouting for attention. Go to any Art Fair and you will see as much clay as video. This exhibition focuses on some of the most exciting international artists working on large scales works in clay. The energy, scale and confidence of these works mark a new high point in contemporary making and are leading to the reassessment of craft within contemporary culture. Narrative, functional and sculptural traditions are all being shaken-up. Domestic objects are moving from sitting on the table to being table sized. Glazes are being pumped up and put on steroids and exploding from the surfaces. Clay is raw and expressive rather than quite and passive.