Anne Fischer, Germany

Metal and Acrylic

Stand number: A16

«Materials are linked to expectations that have been shaped by culture, experiences, knowledge, comparisons and habits. In my work, I often relate materials to a competition. Whether in their relations between themselves or with the expectations the viewer has of them. In processing the materials, their own notion of what should happen to them is not to be underestimated! They determine their shape in detail and are also crucial to their function.
I do not regard the vessel as a purpose-built tool, but as an object that tells us something about its tasks; gathering, keeping together, storing, inside and outside, openings and spaces. Vessels are bodies that can absorb something and keep something else apart. They form an interior and exterior. The opening describes the connecting path from inside to outside and vice versa. Through it the vessel is picked up and returned. Vessels are metaphors for the human body and human being.
My experiences, thoughts, observations, reflections, impressions, my collected knowledge, my craft, and my freedom. Everything I use for my making.» – Anne Fischer