Alan Meredith, IRL


Stand number: A16

«In this latest body of work in furniture and turned vessels at TRESOR contemporary craft, I explore the natural properties of oak and demonstrate a technical mastery of steam bending and freehand sculpting.
My ‘Vinculum’ console table merges structure and table surface in a refined composition. The natural bending potential of the wood is explored to create a table of intrigue and elegance. The form emerged from a dialogue between the function of the piece and the properties of the material.
An example of turned work is ‘Diptych’, a composition of two vessels, their form derived from the circular motion of the lathe. This geometric form is then distorted first by hand and steam, and then naturally as the wood dries by the inherent tension within the wood. The process of ebonising which makes the surface black, allows the subtleties of form to become more apparent.» – Alan Meredith